Arte Pizza Restaurant is a family-run restaurant based in London since 2017. We serve authentic Italian food with all the Italian charm and friendly service. Our restaurant offers a cozy and romantic atmosphere, perfect for any occasion. From hand-made pizzas to delicious home-made pastas, you have plenty choices. Or if you’re looking to have an Italian Aperitivo what best to do it with our freshest antipastos and cocktails. With us you will experience a real Italian evening!

Pizza Bufala - Arte Pizza Restaurant
Arte Pizza Enfield About Us


Arte Pizza was born in 2007 in Agugliano, a small town in the heart of the Marche region, Italy, when our pizza maker, after 20 years of experience in various restaurants in the area, decided to realize his dream of starting his own business and opening his first restaurant with his wife.

After 10 years, in 2017, the Arte Pizza family decided to have a new adventure, sharing the passion for Italian food in a new country.

Arte Pizza Enfield About Us


Our dough stands out for its long and slow rising dough. It is left to rise for up to 72 hours, so our pizza will always be crunchy, light and easily digestible.

Arte Pizza Restaurant Enfield Dough